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Masks donated

Together, we can do it! Our community is currently sewing several thousand masks, helping numerous organisations and individuals during this crisis.

Yay! thank you to all of our hardworking sewists and donors

Our sewists and donors

Caroline Edwards
Dawn Marie
and many more

Sew your own mask?

Join #MaskToUnlock. Make your own mask with our tutorials

TutorialFace mask for all by Modern Sewing PatternsTutorialStretch face mask by Modern Sewing PatternsTutorialFabric face mask by Twig + Tale

Preview image on video instructions for sewing your own masksPreview image on video instructions for sewing your own masksPreview image on video instructions for sewing your own masks

Choose the shape of your mask:

Download the tutorial
Sew this mask with our explanations

What you would need:

  • Fabric
  • Bias tape or elastic
  • sewing cotton
Link to our partner:

You need masks or want to help others with self-made masks?

Together with our community we help organisations and individuals who need masks.


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