2020: the year to embrace zero waste!

2020: the year to embrace zero waste!

It's the new year and everyone is committing to some exciting goals and resolutions. Maybe you want to start sewing, quit smoking, start working out or seeing your friends more often. But as we all know, after a few weeks, it's hard to stick to all of these new goals you've set yourself. However, there is one resolution that you can make and keep this year: to protect our planet. And we have a lot of ideas to help you achieve this goal and reduce your waste. Join us in 2020 where you can combine your resolutions to start sewing or crocheting with your zero waste goals to help save our planet!

Our zero waste patterns for 2020

Discover tutorials to help you convert your kitchen and bathroom into waste-free zones: reusable menstrual pads, zero waste make-up pads, eco-friendly lunch bags and more...

Our zero-waste courses for 2020

Another great way to care for the planet is to mend your old clothes instead of buying or even making new ones. With the help of some new sewing techniques, you might be able save your old sweaters, trousers and tops! Check out these two sewing courses that will help you have a more sustainable 2020.