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About Us


Who are we? Well, as you've presumably gathered already, we are Makerist! But hold up there a second... even though the name Makerist rings a bell, you're probably still wondering who the faces are behind it, right?

We are Makerist!

Here we are! Our team of 40 creative, engaged, international DIY enthusiasts - most of whom you can see here in this lovely photo! Although we are based in Germany, the folk you see here are of a truly international variety. Amongst them you'll find an Australian filmographer who was once an Aussie Rules footballer many moons ago, a fresh-faced French fashionista also currently writing her thesis on Baudelaire, a social media superstar from stateside with her own sewing-inspired blog and of course not forgetting an impossibly handsome yet humble English content creator who definitely isn't writing this right now...


The concept behind Makerist itself was initially hatched by these two wonderful people:

Amber & Axel

Meet Amber & Axel: the creators and driving force behind our whole operation! The international vibe within Makerist started with them in 2013 with Axel himself being born in Romania, growing up in Germany and studying in the US. He has a background in digital marketplaces and internationalisation of digital companies, and has worked at DaWanda, 9flats and eBay. Similarly Amber was born and raised in Canada, before moving to Germany after founding a previous start up for online wedding planning. Her background lies in communication, PR and brand marketing. So over the course of four years (so far!), their craft-inspired dreams have slowly come to life - and now from our Berlin base, we're continuing our mission to create an online creative community for young and old alike! DIY passion!


So when we're not posing and pouting for photo shoots, we're all busy working super hard to create the most perfect destination for all craft enthusiasts across the world! From our big open-space office in Berlin, we are working to find the best patterns for your next project, the newest and most interesting trends in DIY materials and shooting the most user-friendly and engaging how-to videos with our network of expert trainers. But what does this destination look like exactly?

For us, everything we do is based around the 3 c's: crafts, community and creativity. These core values seep through everything we do: from our highly motivated and passionate work ethic, to our friendly and professional interactions with partners and customers, all the way up to the fun-filled and constantly evolving environment that is cultivated within our office itself. Speaking of which, maybe you'd like to have a glimpse inside these offices as well? Feast your eyes on this then!

Our offices!


Whether it's sewing, knitting, crochet or cake decorating that inspires you the most, we're here to provide the crafts community with the perfect place to practice and share your creativity! So perhaps you're just starting out and looking for some expert guidance. Not a problem - head over to our Video Courses page for everything you'll need. Or maybe it's the next project that you're after? Say no more - our wide selection of thousands of Patterns will keep you occupied for as long as you like! Don't forget to also head over to the Showcase once you've finished to share your final creations with everyone else!

So from everyone here at Makerist, thanks so much for visiting and of course welcome to our wonderful community!