An interview with our ambassador Ruby

An interview with our ambassador Ruby

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Welcome to our Ambassador Feature, where we introduce you all to our passionate and creative ambassadors and feature their amazing makes of makerist patterns! This week we would like to introduce you to Ruby of raccoontail, whos biggest passion is sustainable fashion! We spoke about her sewing journey , her workspace, and what gets her out of a creative slump!

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

"I’m 35 and have lived in Brighton for the last 15 years. I work as a Fashion Photographer. I gave up fast fashion 2 years ago. I haven’t bought any clothes in that time that I wasn’t 100% were made by people paid fairly and in happy working conditions. Which is mainly why I make my own!"

What inspired you to start sewing?

"I’ve always sewn, my mum sews and taught me from a young age. I always loved the fact you can just create any style you like and wear something totally unique. I went on to study fashion design at University and although I haven’t kept up with the designing the sewing has stuck with me."

Why is sewing so important to you?

"Sewing allows me to be creative and express myself through the clothing I wear. I’ve never liked wearing the same clothes as everyone else. I recently came back to sewing when I gave up fast fashion. I decided if I couldn’t buy the clothes I wanted from reputable sources, I would make them."

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Do you have your own studio? Tell us about your workspace!

"At the moment I use the spare room at my flat, I have to share the space with my boyfriend’s bikes so it’s not ideal. My mum has a lovely sewing room so when I can, I like to go there and we work on projects together"

What are your other passions? Or passion projects?

"As you might have realised sustainability plays a bit part in, not only my sewing but my life too. I strive to waste less and think carefully about everything I’m purchasing, be it food, furniture or fabric. So, I like to share new tips or products I find alongside my sewing project on my blog and Instagram."

When you are experiencing a creative block how do you get back into the spirit?

"I like to make a quick easy pattern I have tried before and know I can do easily and it will fit well. I usually make shorts, but someone recommended knickers to me and I’ve spotted a few Makerist underwear patterns I want to try out!"

What does being a Makerist Ambassador mean to you?

"Over the last year I’ve unintentionally grown a following on Instagram and I’m now part of a lovely creative sewing community. I want to share patterns and brands that I love and Makerist has so much variation I’m always finding something new to share. "

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What are some of your favorite makerist patterns?

"Well of course the Ready To sew Julien Chore that I already made and the Jeanne T shirt – they are the start of my capsule wardrobe. In fact, Ready to Sew also have the Jean Paul boilersuit that I’ve had my eye on

I’d like to try out making some underwear, and Fitiyoo has some great patterns, I love the high waisted knickers – Manhattan. They also have beautiful bralettes cherylada and Bandista – They all look like great scrap busting projects.

For bigger project that’s might take a bit longer a coat is always great as with winter closing in you’ll get loads of wear out of it. The Jacques Raincoat by I AM would be brilliant in a waxed cotton. The hot toddy wool coat by Our Lady of Leisure is a classic timeless coat.

Of course, it’s almost Christmas and even if there’s less parties, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. I’ve recently seen the Tammy Handmade Leona dress and think that would make a fantastic Christmas dress. The same with the Cosmo dress by lady of leisure, if it was sewn up in a bright pattern or luxe fabric. I also really love the Surimani hat by Opian and can imagine a velvet version for Christmas"

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