An interview with pattern designer Aware Collection

An interview with pattern designer Aware Collection

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Welcome to our Designer Spotlight Feature, where we introduce our new passionate and creative designers and feature their amazing designs! This week we spoke to Jenna of AWARECOLLECTION, who creates beautiful patterns for women. We spoke about her journey as a pattern designer, her workspace, and what gets her out of a creative slump!

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Can you tell us a bit about your designer brand?

"With a degree in Apparel Design, and a professional background in pattern-making and fashion design. Aware Collection is a space for me to share my patterns and designs with creative freedom.I love creating fashionable patterns that can be worn day in and day out!"

What inspired you to become a pattern designer?

"I've always loved fashion and studied it in College! I work in the industry as a pattern maker and love making my own patterns because it incorporated both technical and creative design."

Why is pattern design so important to you?

"It lets me be creative! I also love to see people making and wearing my patterns, it makes me so happy:)."

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Do you have your own studio? Tell us about your workspace!

"Yes, I have my own office in my house. It's my messy creative space and I love it! "

What's your favourite pattern you've created?

"My favorite pattern is the Lana Set!"

Do you make any of the products yourself and if so, do you enjoy the making process?

"Yes, I make them all myself! I've made them all multiple times!"

When you’re experiencing a creative block, how do you get back into the spirit?

" Usually I take a break and work on a different project. The creativity ideas usually hit me right before bed! "

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What do you like about the Makerist platform to sell your patterns on?

"I love the reach of customers I get to interact with by selling on Makerist."

Can you tell us three fun things about yourself that nobody knows?

"1. I have a big love for interior design and did a whole house renovation with my husband the past couple years. I would love to also flip houses in the future. 2. I’m a dog person and have two sweet, crazy pups. If I was allowed, I’d adopt a bunch more. 3. I’m a home body, and there is nothing that I love more than relaxing at home!."

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