Fun Free Colouring Pages!

Fun Free Colouring Pages!

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Colouring Pages for Adults are all the rage!

Back when we were kids, colouring in pages was a fun activity you did during 'quiet time', or as a fun outlet for your inner Jackson Pollock (or was that just us?). Nowadays, news sites like CNN and CBS, as well a number of health clinics are pushing the benefits of colouring for grown ups as well!

Colouring in has been shown to:

Help relieve stress
Help you unplug from technology
Help reduce anxiety
Help you tap into your inner Artist
Give you a feeling of success in completing a project
Improve your fine-motor skills
Help with your sleep


With all these great benefits, what's not to love about colouring? Like when we were kids, it's still an easy and rewarding hobby! Plus, now that we have the internet, it's easier than ever to find colouring pages in your style. We've created our own little Makerist Colouring Book that you can download for free as a Makerist user (it's free to sign up, too!). We'd love for you to check it out, and we've love even more to see your colouring page designs! Make sure to upload photos of your completed masterpieces to our #MakeristAtHome Showcase! We love to see your designs!