An interview with lingerie designer Fitiyoo

An interview with lingerie designer Fitiyoo

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Paloma and Julie

Welcome to our Designer Spotlight Feature, where we introduce our new passionate and creative designers and feature their amazing designs! This week we spoke to Paloma and Julie of FITITYOO, who create beautiful lingerie for women. We spoke about their journey as pattern designers, their workspace, and what gets them out of their creative slump!

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Tell us about FITIYOO

"Hi! We are Paloma and Julie. We met 9 years ago, when we both worked as pattern designers for a well-known French lingerie group. It was here that we became colleagues and friends! Our personalities and common values led us to create our own lingerie patterns brand, Fitiyoo. Fitiyoo is a lingerie sewing patterns collection, with customizable shapes to fit all different body types, which are adjustable and easy to make! We have created and developed our patterns in a wide range of sizes (from A cup to G cup)."

What made you want to become a pattern designer?

"We are both passionate about sewing and all DIY activities, we love to imagine new projects and make them come to life with our own hands. Pattern making is ideal for mixing your creativity and techniques, you have to create the pattern shape, so it fits all sizes and all body types."

Why is pattern design so important to you?

"Pattern making is important to us because the patterns that we design allow our clients to feel good, to feel comfortable and to feel powerful with the lingerie that they made themselves. We love to see our customer’s sewing projects, they are so talented and creative!."

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Do you have your own studio? Tell us about your workspace!

"We work at home and we live 700 km from each other, so each one of us has our own sewing machine and a small working space at home. This is why lingerie is practical, it doesn’t take up much space!"

What's your favourite pattern you've created?

"If we have to name one, it would be Smoothie, the plunging lacy wireless bra. We love it so much because it’s such a powerful piece of lingerie, that you can make your own with a lot of different laces, knits, and mesh; each Smoothie bra is unique!"

Do you make any of the products yourself and if so, do you enjoy the making process?

"We do the whole process ourselves, from the sketching to the pattern making, as well as the prototypes and sewing. The new part for us since the creation of the brand is the commercial part such as the administration and marketing. Being a brand designer includes lots of new activities, which allows us to learn new things every day, it’s great!"

When you’re experiencing a creative block, how do you get back into the spirit?

"We are lucky to be a team, so when we have a creative block, we can talk to each other and have different points of views, ideas and solutions. That helps a lot!"

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Why did you choose Makerist as a platform to sell your patterns on?

"Makerist has a lot of great designers on their platform who all have their own identity and style, we wanted to be part of the DIY community developed by Makerist, and we’re happy to be here!"

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