Free Face Mask Sewing Patterns

Free Face Mask Sewing Patterns

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Looking for tutorials to sew your own face masks? You’ve come to the right place. Makerist pattern designers from around the globe have created face masks patterns in a variety of skill levels and made them available to you as a digital download, either for free, or for less than the cost of a cup of coffee! Makerist pattern PDFs always contain step-by-step instructions and a full-size pattern print-out for the mask.

Makerist is here to help you stay safe in style. Check out our curated selection of PDF sewing patterns for facemasks below to start your next sewing project, and be sure to upload your cool mask photos to our Community Showcase when you're done!

Sewing Face Masks At Home: Upcycle Fabric Scraps!

For sewing face masks at home you can very easily upcycle old fabric scraps! As there are face mask patterns designed for both stretch and non-stretch fabrics, you’re sure to have something laying around the house that would be appropriate. Some of the best options are:
  1. old cotton bedsheets
  2. worn out t-shirts
  3. old pillow cases
  4. or any cotton/linen/or jersey fabric that can be washed above 60°. This is an important consideration as you’ll need to be able to reliably sterilize your masks after you wear them!

What You Need To Sew Your Own Face-Masks

First step, a sewing pattern! Once you’ve selected the style you want from our selection below you can easily download the pattern and instructional PDF instantly! You’ll also need some or all of the following things:
  1. A sewing machine
  2. Fabric (e.g. an upcycled bed sheet or t-shirt)
  3. iron and ironing board
  4. Fabric pins
  5. Machine or hand-sewing thread
  6. Bias Binding
  7. Elastic Ribbon
P.s - Do you ever find the elastic on your facemask cuts in behind your ears? Check out this free crochet pattern for an easy ear guard!😉