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Sell Your Patterns On Makerist


Do you believe in the DIY movement and the power of moving images? Do you have a knack for creativity and want to share your knowledge and dedication in front of the camera? Then become part of a a brand new concept on Makerist: become a video designer!

In our video marketplace, you have the chance to present yourself as a brand, to help like-minded people and to earn money with your creative hobby. At Makerist, your first handicraft website, your target group of handicraft users is waiting for you - whether in the sewing, knitting, crocheting, or other creative sectors, such as cake decoration, calligraphy, or jewelry design. You decide which creative inspiration or guidance you want to present to your viewers and what price they should pay for it!


Explain tricky techniques or hacks on concrete examples or show how a project is being worked on step by step. Inspire your viewers to design beautiful pieces themselves - for example, to work without any pattern.. Examples of sewing related video topics could include: "10 sewing hacks to help you make every pocket", "all about threadline", "making stuffed animals easy", "10 upcycling tips", "10 Inspirations of what you can do with old shirts ".


In the first step, think about how you want to structure your video. After a brief explanation of what you are doing, show as many ready-made examples as you can before you get down to business. Starting your video is important to whet your appetite for your project or ideas. Think about which steps or techniques need to be shown and which ones you can let out or present in fast motion, for example. If your video is longer and works well to break up into separate episodes, Makerist gives you the opportunity to show episodes! Prepare all materials which you will need before the shoot starts and think about a suitable location for your video - in DIY projects, a desk in front of a wall or a pretty shelf is usually suitable. Wrap up by pointing out to your viewers the possible sources of error and how to fix them.


Good light, a high-resolution picture and clear sound are the nuts and bolts of a perfect video. Morning sunlight is the best light to shoot in, so consider making your videos early with the natural light. Carefully plan the video process and make sure the subject is always clearly visible whatever shooting mode you're in (birdseye etc). Think as well about the technical aspects, do you need a big expensive camera? Most of today's smartphones have excellent cameras that will work well. A tripod is essential but fairly inexpensive. Royalty free music and free video editing software is also available online.


Now it's time to define a distinctive and clear title that will tell your viewers what to expect! Choose a crisp headline of a maximum of 10 words that would entice you. Additional information about the content can and should be placed in a description text of 200 - 1000 words. On top you can prove with 3 to 5 point-like sales arguments and up to 5 meaningful pictures, why it is worthwhile to unlock your video! With Makerist, you have the opportunity to enhance your video with a supplementary PDF file, such as a pattern, the material list or other information. Your video can be free or paid. We are happy to help you with the pricing with help and advice!


Are you interested? Perfect - then contact us. Our team is always there to help! We then discuss personally the details and conditions. By the way: You are already selling your own PDF patterns at Makerist? So much the better: your video tutorial could be the perfect match for your customers. We are happy to advise you. Lights! Camera! Action!

Become A Designer


Rest assured, you don't need to be a professional to offer your videos on our site! All enthusiasts are more than welcome to sell here at Makerist, provided that they offer good quality content that will please our users. Are you in doubt? Contact us and we'll be more than happy to discuss with you.


Here at Makerist, we're in constant dialogue with all of our new and existing designers. We look to make their daily life as easy as possible, by taking care of all the logistical aspects so that they can focus on living out their creative passion! So maybe you'd like to join us but are hesitating a little bit? Or perhaps you'd like to know more about life on the creative side? Well again, all you need to do is fill in our form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


If so, here are a selection of gorgeous images and visuals that you can gladly share on your blog, social networks or site to let your followers know that you're selling on Makerist! The first two visuals are adapted to Facebook, whilst the following two are for Instagram.

If you'd like another specific format then feel free to contact us and we'd be more than happy to oblige!

Sewing Patterns - Facebook!

Knitting Patterns - Facebook!

Sewing Patterns - Instagram!

Knitting Patterns - Instagram!

So thanks so much for your interest and we hope that you'd now love to enrich our DIY community with your talent and creativity!

See You Soon!