An interview with pattern designer Size Me

An interview with pattern designer Size Me

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Welcome to our Designer Spotlight Feature, where we introduce our new passionate and creative designers and feature their amazing designs! This week we spoke to Donna of Size:Me, who creates beautiful patterns Sewing patterns with complete, comprehensive instructions packed with lots of hints, tips and full explanations to help even the new sewist achieve a well finished garment. We spoke about her journey as a pattern designer, her workspace, and what gets her out of a creative slump!

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Can you tell us a bit about your designer brand?

"My designs are simple & effective dressmaking patterns. The Florence Collection is made up of 5 patterns and has a suggested order of making. Starting with the most simple, building up your confidence and skill level as you create a new wardrobe. Each pattern has its own techniques to master and along with comprehensive instructions there’s a YouTube tutorial for each that is full of hints and tips to help achieve a perfect end result."

What inspired you to become a pattern designer?

"Whilst teaching I have had a real life insight into the problems you all experience whilst sewing and believe two of the biggest to be understanding instructions and confidence. I always wanted to create designs that tackle both of these issues."

Why is pattern design so important to you?

"I have always believed sewing should be a pleasure and accessible to all, so I have combined my engineering experience with years of teaching to ensure this is the case. I have tailored my designs to incorporate the most simple and effective techniques, then with the addition of a video tutorial where you can see what’s happening, I believe you will find the experience of SIZE:me patterns a pleasure."

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Do you have your own studio? Tell us about your workspace!

"I’m afraid not…unless you count the spare room! My workspace is small but perfectly formed and I look forward to the day I can say that I’ve out grown it as that will mean SIZE:me is a success."

What's your favourite pattern you've created?

"I absolutely love the Florence Jacket, the swing and swish makes you feel great when wearing it. I wear it all the time with skinny jeans and a tee but can also see it worn with a more formal workwear trouser or skirt. The fact that it’s fully lined is a great detail too and it really is a project that makes you feel proud. That said I'm super excited about my new designs that I hope to release early 2021!"

Do you make any of the products yourself and if so, do you enjoy the making process?

"I am SIZE:me Sewing so everything you see is by little old me, from the concept to design through to instructions and marketing. I really enjoy the pattern design and instructions as they’re familiar to me but I struggle a little with marketing as it’s all new."

When you’re experiencing a creative block, how do you get back into the spirit?

"This happens more often than I’d like to admit, especially when I can’t get my head around the best way to achieve a detail. At these times I’m really lucky that I have my little sidekick Florence the dog (yes that’s where the pattern name came from) and we just lead-up and go for a long muddy walk in the woods to clear my head. By the time we’re home and clean I always think a little clearer!"

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What do you like about the Makerist platform to sell your patterns on?

"The Makerist community is fantastic for a newbie like me. Marketing is all new to me and feels like a huge mountain to climb but the team are very friendly and helpful, always sending me information and tips… Giving me opportunities like this to tell everyone about my business is so great and I’m very grateful. As a consumer I love that I can purchase from lots of designers in one place too."

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