Sustainability Week

Sustainability Week

At Makerist, sustainability is very important, we believe that by making garments and products ourselves we are reducing mass consumption and also creating a deeper connection to our clothing. So this week we are celebrating Sustainability Week and have some exciting things going on!

We have put together some of our favourite sewing, knitting and crochet patterns to work towards a Slow Living lifestyle!

We have an amazing competition over on both Facebook and Instagram to win two 40€ vouchers for Mavolu!

Plus we have two fascinating interviews from Sustainable Fashion experts, Jonna Haeggblom from Circular Fashion and Nadja Gegner from Mavolu!

Sustainability Week Competition

We are excited to be working with the amazing sustainable fashion retailer Mavolu. To celebrate we are running a competition from Saturday 9th May until Tuesday 12th May! All you have to do is head over to our Facebook or Instagram or both! Simply follow both Makerist and Mavolu and then share the post! We will then be picking two names at random, one from Facebook and one from Instagram to win a 40€ Mavolu voucher each!



Interview with Jonna Haeggblom - Unfinished Stories

Jonna Haeggblom is a circular design strategist for longevity and extended product life at Circular Fashion. If you would like to learn more about her fascinating study on Unfinished Stories which explores the Emotional Life Cycle of a product, then check out our interview with Jonna on our Instagram stories this week! The Emotional Life Cycle delves into the connection you have to a garment, for example we often give sentimental value to garments based on the memories attached to them. For example, your favourite denim shirt could be one that was passed down to you from a loved one, or your first knitted scarf that your Grandmother taught you how to make.

Interview with Nadja Gegner - Mavolu

Nadja Gegner is the founder of our Sustainability Week partner Mavolu. Mavolu is a fabulous resource not only for buying sustainable fashion but also for learning about sustainable fabrics and materials. The online retailer based in Berlin, offers a range of products made from innovative and waste materials, such as banana fibre, peace silk, pineapple and apple leathers! We talked to her about how Mavolu started and what inspired her to create the brand.



Slow Living Patterns

At Makerist we have a number of patterns that are designed for living a slower lifestyle, to use less waste or disposable products. We have put together some of our favourite patterns to help you move towards a sustainable lifestyle, from reusing waste products in upcycling projects to creating your own cosmetic pads to avoid single use versions. These are some sustainable swap patterns that can be easily integrated into your current lifestyle. What's more is that you will have fun making them!