An interview with pattern designer Tammyhandmade

An interview with pattern designer Tammyhandmade

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Welcome to our Designer Spotlight Feature, where we introduce our new passionate and creative designers and feature their amazing designs!This week we spoke to Tammy of TammyHandmade, who creates beautiful patterns for women. We spoke about her journey as pattern designer, her workspace, and what gets her out of her creative slump. And the great news is that this week all her designs will be in our 2$ sale!

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Can you tell us a bit about your designer brand Tammy Handmade?

"Hi I’m Tammy and I started Tammy Handmade earlier this year. I love to create effortlessly stylish patterns that feel modern and are easily wearable. All of my patterns are beginner-friendly and have no tricky fastenings to sew, making them a dream to create and throw over once you’re finished sewing."

What inspired you to become a pattern designer?

"I actually started my own sewing Instagram this yeartammy.handmade after plucking the courage to share with the world my creations. When I decided to start sharing my own projects, I felt an overwhelming love and appreciation from other sewists virtually and I believe that cultivated a safe space where I could experiment and play, and ultimately create my own sewing patterns. I really love the process of thinking of what garment I want to create and challenging myself on how to make that a reality as well as being easy to sew and versatile."

Why is pattern design so important to you?

"Designing patterns is important to me because I’m able to share my designs with others. It’s so rewarding to see other sewists that feel comfortable and beautiful in patterns that you create, it’s honestly why I love the process so much! Being able to use Instagram to see what people have made, or how they have hacked your patterns is such a great way to connect with others and also get any valuable feedback."

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Do you have your own studio? Tell us about your workspace!

"I wish! I currently live in a rented apartment, so my studio is a desk in my bedroom or sometimes the living room floor… But when you have small spaces, you just have to be creative on how to best utilise it. As I’m only a one-woman team, I don’t need too much space but trying to store my patterns and fabric is proving difficult so I imagine creating a dedicated sewing room soon! I’ve seen so many beautiful sewing rooms on Instagram that I’m itching to curate my own. "

What's your favourite pattern you've created?

"My favourite pattern has definitely got to be The Rhea Dress. It’s named after my adorable cousin and is a beautiful v neckline dress that has a gathered waist and ruffle detail. My pet peeve is wearing clothing that looks beautiful but is uncomfortable to wear, that’s why this dress has no fastenings and slips right on over your head - making it stylish and easy wearing!"

Do you make any of the products yourself and if so, do you enjoy the making process?

"I do the whole pattern making process myself, from thinking of ideas, sketching, making toiles and sewing. Once I’ve made a standard size, I then get the help of an experienced pattern grader to create the rest of the sizes. It honestly is such a rewarding process to see something come to life right from the beginning to the end. I’m also a graphic designer so I write, design and illustrate the instructions as well as getting my partner to shoot the final product! Being able to create my own patterns has really taught me the time, craft and skill that goes into making these and only highlights why independent pattern designers charge as much as they do - I wear multiple hats and put a lot of time and energy into this but I love every moment! "

When you’re experiencing a creative block, how do you get back into the spirit?

"I’ve never really lost my sewjo or had any major creative blocks, but then this year happened! I don’t know if it was the uncertainty or general vibe this year had but I struggled with multiple creative blocks. I always try to recognise when I feel myself getting stuck and try to not put too much pressure on myself to always be creating, which helps manage my own expectations. Seeing what other people are creating online sometimes can me feel like I’m not doing enough, but I remind myself to not compare myself to others and that we all have different goals and speeds. I do love scrolling through my feed when I’m in a creative rut as it’s a great inspiration for what I could sew to get me back into the spirit! "

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What do you like about the Makerist platform to sell your patterns on?

"Makerist is a great platform that has so many talented designers with their own unique styles. I love how the platform feels like a community of DIYers and I’m so glad I’m apart of it! Being able to upload my patterns myself helps me feel connected with what I put on here, so I still feel in control of my own work - which I love!"

Can you tell us three things about yourself that nobody may know?

"I have a cat called Nala, she is turning 3 in a couple of months and she ‘helps’ me sewing by clawing my fabric and tries to take the thread out of my sewing machine every single day. I absolutely love horror movies, even though I’m scared of the dark and hate ghosts. Something about the thrill just gets me sucked in every time. If I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life, I would 100% pick pizza. Pepperoni pizza in particular. Any mood, any time, it just hits the spot!"

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