An interview with pattern designer Amaia

An interview with pattern designer Amaia

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Welcome to our Designer Spotlight Feature, where we introduce our new passionate and creative designers and feature their amazing designs!This week we spoke to Amaia of You made my day, who creates beautiful patterns for women and children. We spoke about her journey as pattern designer, her workspace, and what gets her out of her creative slump. And the great news is that this week all her designs will be on a 30% discount!

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Can you tell us a bit about your designer brand You made my day patterns?

"I design women and girls sewing patterns that are suitable for everyday wear with a special touch that makes them unique."

What inspired you to become a pattern designer?

"I have always loved DIY projects and particularly sewing. When I started sewing on a regular basis I felt the need to go further, I wanted to modify, transform and create my own designs."

Why is pattern design so important to you?

"It allows me to express my ideas, my creativity. And I try to design patterns that will make a difference in people's lives."

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Do you have your own studio? Tell us about your workspace!

"I work from home. So my space is not big but little by little I have made it my own, with all the necessary things. "

What's your favourite pattern you've created?

"Everyone of my patterns are special for me because they portray the ideas I wanted to put on the paper, giving them their shape and utility. But I can say that my 11th of February Blouse (and dress!) could be my fave. It has a nice overall design, with some additional pieces like pleats and a stunning origami-like sleeve that makes it astonishingly beautiful. "

Do you make any of the products yourself and if so, do you enjoy the making process?

"I make all the patterns myself and that is what I love about it. The moment from the first paper draft to the first "toile" is such a thrilling moment, because the 2D becomes a 3D garment with its own shape and I would say life! I do lots of "toiles" before approving the final pattern, to make sure that it fits most bodies and that it is comfortable"

When you’re experiencing a creative block, how do you get back into the spirit?

"Well, my problem is mostly the contrary ;-) I have many many ideas that I want to design and create and I don't have the time to make them all. That is also why I like proposing different options on my pattern so that people can make them over and over again without having the same garment."

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What do you like about the Makerist platform to sell your patterns on?

"Makerist is a great platform for all DIY minded people so I am happy to be able to reach out to them and be part of this community."

Can you tell us three things about yourself that nobody may know?

"I am a positive and creative soul that loves spending her time with the people she loves."

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