A longstanding passion for modify clothing, change and sew, to crotch accessories and knit sweater became my vocation. Therefore school education was just a question of time... My label firstloungeberlin® stands for freedom and a positive lifestyle in conjunction with creativity and passion. What once began in a remote room at Prenzl`Berg, grews with a great deal of intuitive feel and attention to detail to a small bright clothes lounge with an aversion to the boring textile store chain. The look is unconventional, super comfortable, practicable and not complicated. My creative commitment for always something new and the urge for development called me to explore the world where I indulged my curiosity and let myself inspire :) I packed my experience, passion and proven pattern in my case and one after another I designed the very lovely surprises you can bring home to your sewing machines and practice with a lot of fun and pleasure. eBooks from firstloungeberlin® are unique, extensive, very detailed, uncomplicated and implemented easily. Also sewing beginners are able to get fast and great results.!

Even you can do it, thus design, sew ✂ & wear whatever you like!©

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