Gina Renee

After 15 years of working in the clothing industry, I’ve found my greatest desire in life. The best way I can utilize my talent is to make sewing patterns to serve others. In which, people create their own clothes (or clothes for others) which will be more cherished than something purchased from the store.

It’s a feeling of happiness to create and sew, which brings fulfillment, much more than buying something ready-made. It allows the imagination to flourish and offers a sense of accomplishment.

For so many people, sewing is that happy place. It’s getting into that creative flow where time doesn’t exist and problems seem to disappear.

The result is amazing. When you try that item on after you’ve finished it, there is nothing better than feeling 100% YOU. You’ve designed it with your fabric combinations and it fits you.

I know you're going to love your next sewing project from Gina Renee. Happy Sewing!

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