Queen Delilah

I am Djamila, an independent pattern designer and freelance translator from Berlin, Germany. I have been sewing since my 12th birthday. I have always been a huge fan of plush animals so it probably isn't so surprising that I got into designing sewing patterns for softies. Henry, the hippo, was the first sewing pattern I launched and he's still very popular. I have three children. My youngest, Delilah, is a little girl so I sew lots of cute little dresses for her. My sewing patterns are quite easy to sew. I include very detailed instructions with lots of photos. The patterns have markings so you know which pieces need to be attached to each other. I always do a pattern testing event before I launch a pattern so that possible problems with the pattern can be dealt with before they are available on the market. I hope you enjoy sewing with my patterns and please, let me know if you have any questions. I am always happy to help you.