Lindsay @ Sproglets Kits

The idea for Sproglets Kits was born in the hot summer of 2014 in Weston village, which overlooks the beautiful Cotswold hills and the world heritage city of Bath. I was 8 months pregnant, huge and waiting for baby to arrive. With my mum and grandmother having both enthusiastically togged out their babies in lovely hand-knitted clothes, I wanted to keep up the family tradition and make something for the baby whom I had yet to meet. I continued to knit as baby grew up and I was always immensely proud when she looked cosy in something I had made her. People often asked me how they could make something similar and I decided to put together everything I had learned into accessible knitting kits and patterns which would enable others to make beautiful things for their babies.

The design of my patterns incorporates my 20 years’ experience of making arts and culture accessible to all. The instructions are illustrated at key stages and have been tested to be easily read by dyslexics.

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