Milly's Knit Designs // Knits for Cures, LLC

Knitting and crocheting were first introduced to me as a young girl by my grandmother, Milly. She tried many times to teach me – but I just never got it. I always blamed it on me being right-handed and her left-handed. But really, I just wanted to sit with her, listen to her stories and play card games while she worked away on her next afghan. The knits I received over the years from my grandma are some of my most cherished possessions.

Fast forward to 2011, I was reintroduced to knitting & crocheting by my lovely LYS and it has now become a part of me that has quite literally traveled the world. I have been known to pack more knitting than clothes on an occasion or two.

In the last few years I began to dabble in creating my own designs. With my Knits for Cures designs, a portion of each pattern sale is donated to research organizations focused on the fights to cure all cancers. You will always find these to be quick knits and beautiful accessory pieces.

Most recently you will begin to see new designs released under Milly’s Knit Designs. Named for my Grandma Milly who unknowingly planted that seed for knitting and a love of all fibers. As a plus size knitter/designer and my grandma too a beautiful plus-size knitter/crocheter, with every Milly’s Knit Designs pattern I aim to be size inclusive.

My patterns will be designed for all body types as best I am able. I want to wear what I design, and I hope for others my size, smaller or larger, to also someday knit, love and wear my patterns out in the wild.

Everyone deserves something beautiful to put on their body, regardless of what size it is. Whether fat or thin, or somewhere in between, size does not define us.

Thank you for your love & support!

Cheers & Stitches, Crystal

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