Hi, I'm Tanja, I run a kids fashion label, in Zurich, Switzerland. I design very comfy, yet stylish clothes for the coolest kids in town :) Along with the apparel collection I also draft up the patterns in all sizes from kids to adults and provide super easy sew- along ebooks. My ebooks contain very detailed photographic step-by step sewing instructions so anybody can sew these styles even absolute beginners. Since 2017 I also design an ORGANIC fabrics collection, produced and printed in the EU. My inspiration comes from my two girls, who are always very on trend. The little one needs clothes that are supercool, yet comfy and suitable for lots and lots of playing sessions :) whereas the bigger one only wears things fit for a reigning teen. I am always very keen to see your interpretations of my patterns, so make sure you always ....#nipnaps. Sew happy :)

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