Nora Lemmon

I started out sewing for myself at the very young age of about 12 on our non electric Singer Sewing Machine that had a treadle foot mechanism. I continued sewing throughout my life - making clothing for my family including some items for my husband. I sewed my first play tent for the kids about 35 years ago. I am also an artist (painter) and have sold my art and sewing patterns all around the world from South Africa. Since retiring from a career as a school librarian about 15 years ago, I have enjoyed experimenting with my sewing and my art and am always game to try something new or different. My experimenting techniques have lead to some interesting patterns and designs - I have many more to upload to this site but it is such a big interesting world and so little time. The grandchildren sometimes come up with the most incredible ideas and one of my granddaughters, at the age of eleven even gives me very specific drawings, for instance, of exactly how she would like her ninja outfit. Such a joy to sew for them.

As a young lady and well into my senior years I was petite and sometimes would buy clothing from the children's section. Sadly, as I have travelled through the latter years, the body tended to go a bit pear shaped and not always in the right proportions. Shop fitters seem to cater mainly for the younger figure and I am always having to alter shop bought clothing. I intend listing some new patterns that will allow you to be comfortable when prolonged seasonal party time comes your way without having to have a thin and a fat wardrobe. My eyesight is also not what it used to be so #Super Easy has also become my new motto. Trust you will enjoy what I have to offer.

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