Hello, my name is Rasa (Lithuanian roots), i am living in Spain - Tenerife Island with the most wonderful creatures: my daughter Gloria, two dogs Bob & Amy and my Man Jose, my True Love & best Daddy.
I am Crochet obsessed - love creating beautiful things, practical and easy designs and all with so much love and simplicity. I love perfect imperfections, love doing everything 100%, it starts with sports (like simple training an ending with marathon) as well as with my passion for creating Designs (starting with baby shoes in my pregnancy and ending with Designs for all family & home). I am as You, but i stay Me. And here we are WE. My Moto was always do something what you love so i share with you all i did with Love and inspire you Do It With Love. Crochet Designs for little Ones make me crazy, but also designs for the whole family is something what inspires and challenges me. They brought me a lot of happiness and special moments so i would like share it all with you. Love & Warm Wishes, Rasa

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