Renee Sherwood

I’m a mom and a designer. My background is in product development but I’ve always been a maker. My passion is to find creative ways to make our lives easier, more beautiful and more delicious.

I enjoy making things by hand, taking the manufacturing process back into my own space. For me it ’s not just about the end result but the journey along the way.

Recycling and upcycling are an exciting challenge for me. I love the idea of giving things a second life through repurposing and remaking.

I like gadgets and machines. My collection ranges from a cast iron sock knitting machine (from 1910 – still works) to a MakerBot Desktop Mini 3D printer.

I’ve worked within the design departments of several large corporations but my most exciting challenge so far has been being a mother to my beautiful little girl. Few things cause a moment of self reflection more than watching a tiny human copy your every move.

Follow along with all my projects over at my blog at

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