Sarah Buckhouse


I am so glad you stopped by! My name is Sarah Beth and here is a little bit of my story...

I fell in love with crochet at a young age. It brought me great joy but also made me feel a bit nerdy! If only I could go back and tell that little girl to be proud of her talent! As I grew and became more confident in my ability, I started crocheting gifts for family members. When I couldn't find a pattern, I would make one. I loved the happiness that people expressed when I gave them my gifts and so I continued to make my own patterns. It wasn't until many years later that my older brother encouraged me to share my patterns online. By doing so I realized that this was a way that I could help other share the joy that I was spreading to my own family. Because of that, my mission statement is now "To be joyful and spread joy through creative." I hope that crocheting one of my patterns brings you or someone else joy!

Happy Crocheting, Sarah Beth

Facebook: Sarah Beth's Crochet Instagram: SarahBethsCrochet

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