I first started sewing whilst on maternity leave, I went from not knowing how to thread a needle to creating a business selling beautiful handmade dolls, bunnies and cushions.

While running that business I received a lot of messages and interest on my patterns as many hadn't seen anything like them in the current market as well as having a lot of mum's often telling me they wished they could create beautiful dolls for their daughters.

Due to this I came to the decision to make my patterns available but not only that, I also wanted to have the concept of having them available as kits! Too often we try new craft only to end up with a load of materials we are never going to use again because we didn't enjoy that chosen craft, or because we only wanted to make one item but couldn't just buy the small amount of materials that where needed.

It has been lots and lots of work to be able to share my patterns and kits with you but I find it so amazingly humbling that I am giving the chance for others to be able to create beautiful items on their own - it is an incredible feeling making something with your own two hands :)

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