Welcome to the Raven's nest! …Cheeky do-it-yourself instructions for young and old.

RABAUKOWITSCH combines fashion elements of the past with new creative ideas. The result is, well… just Rabaukowitsch: A look through the eyes of a child, a homage to all children - big and small.

My instructions have been available in German since 2013. Bit by bit, English translations will be available here, as well.

You won't find any boring basic designs here, but something absolutely unique and adaptable for everyday life; for outdoors, for romping around, for lazing around or for a special occasion. Practical and cozy, that's how the raven's patterns are. Therefore the patterns are somewhat more elaborate to sew.

All patterns and instructions were professionally created and extensively tested in large teams. The ebooks are detailed and richly illustrated.

In addition, they give plenty of suggestions for your own, very special interpretation. Almost all patterns are sewable in many variations. The instructions encourage you to try something new and can in most cases be worked out at different sewing levels.

Have the courage to challenge yourself; you will love growing your above and beyond your skill level!

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