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Theodora wears a dress knitted in Sirdar Divine Double Knitting Wool, but, you could use a standard Double Knitting Wool for this pattern. I have also used Anchor Artiste Metallic Thread - Gold & Jomil Starmist Decorative Thread - Pink. Theodora was born in Cyprus 500AD and died in Constantinople 548AD. She was married to Emperor Justinian 1. Clothes during this period was full of colour and highly patterned. Clothes in the upper classes were made from highly expensive patterned cloth & Byzantium silk. The clothes were woven, dyed & printed. I started to knit a completely different doll, but Theodora just evolved from this lovely wool. Theodora is wearing a outfit loosely based on costume from this time. You could be tempted to highly decorate this doll, but I feel with the wool used, it doesn’t much decoration, other than a belt, cuffs and crown (which is taken from the era) to finish the doll.

A Byzantine Empress Doll 530AD

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