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This doll is based on the portrait of Princess Elizabeth, 1546, who later became Queen Elizabeth I of England. This portrait is currently part of Queen Elizabeth II's royal collection at Windsor Castle, England. Elizabeth is about 13years old in the portrait, but didn't become queen until she was 25years old after the death of her father, Henry VIII. Elizabeth had plenty of suitors but never married and reigned for 44 years. During the reign of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I there was a Chart of Tudor Sumptuary Laws for Tudor dress. This explained what was allowed to be worn in terms of colour, fabric, trims & furs in different social classes in England. Women's court fashion was varied. The bodice was tightly fitted and the skirt was triangular in shape. I have tried to keep to this dress shape. My design includes a French hood which was shaped around the head and decorated with pearls or jewels. I have also included trumpet sleeves. I have used a moss stitch pattern for the outer skirt, top of sleeves & head piece. A lattice pattern has been used for the inner skirt & stocking stitch for the remainder of the work. D.K wool was used for the whole piece. The moss stitch & dark plum colour help to recreate a heavy dress. I have used 4mm cream pearl beads & knitted them into the lattice pattern of the inner skirt. This gives the skirt depth & a Tudor feel. I have used beads for the cream part of the sleeve & head piece. I have also used 3mm & 4mm gold pearl beads for jewellery & oval drop beads for the necklace & waistband ends.

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