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Love this pattern - although I did struggle with t he eyes so have tried a couple of variations

Raggedy Rabbit soft toy sewing pattern - recycle denims

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Looks like free option has ended but still worth buying :-)

"The process is exactly the same as if you were purchasing an item: click on ‘continue to payment’ and follow the usual steps. Obviously you will not be asked to provide payment details in the end, and therefore you will not be charged for anything."

I was not able to download either!

I wasn"t able to down load either. What's going on?

I wasn"t able to down load either. What's going on?

@drexa, @Marge & @glynda - If you follow the link above you should be able to download from that page as long as you are registered - If you have any problems though contact Makerist Help Centre

Okay, how do I get the pattern??? I followed the direction in the email, but can't find it. Sorry. Please help.

I registered & could not download pattern. Marge Elbourne

I registered but couldn't download the pattern? Is there a reason!