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AMERS Handicraft LLP - Manufacturer & Exporter of Handmade Woolen Felt & Felted Products. Felt, Woolen Felt Toys, Decorative Felt Products, Felt, Woolen Felt Toys, Decorative Felt Products, Felt Christmas Decoration, Marbling Handmade Papers, Water Marbling Designs, Marbling designs on fabrics, Water Marbling on Felt and Felt Products, Water marbling on Wool and Woolen Products, Felt Craft Kit, Decorative Felt Animal Heads, Handmade Felt Bear Brooch, Felt Animal Head Wall Mounts, Felt Sewing Pouch Embroidery Kit, Felt Needle Case Embroidery Kit, Embroidered Felt Monogram, Wool Mix Felt Bundles, Felt Slippers, Wedding Felt Makeup Bag, Handmade Felt Festive Badges, AMERS Handicraft LLP, Felt Handmade Toys, Wool Products, Felt Toys Made By Skilled Artisans, Felted Mouse, Merino Mouse, Needle Felted Mouse, Wool Felted Balls, Felt Balls, Pom Pom, Pom Pom Garland, Felt Ball Garland, Easter Garland, Needle Felted Animal, Needle Felted Bunny, Felted Rabbit, Needle Felted Cow and Calf, Needle Felted Golden Retriever, Needle Felted Mouse With Glasses, Needle Felted Easter Mouse, Needle Felted Miniature, Needle Felted Pup, Needle Felted Robin

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