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I absolutely LOVE your work / projects. I wish I could come & just "explore" amongst all your projects (finished & in progress!!). I know that sounds kind of creepy, but it truly is NOT meant to be!! I just find the characters & things you create to be very cute, whimsical, & FUN!! I can only imagine that kids & adults alike, find many hours of fun & treasure lots of memories from the work you do, & through the patterns you have created & shared 😊 I can picture the knitted dolls & toys I have from my childhood (which are still down in my trunk, & which have all been played with by my kids as well (& are now back in the trunk once again, now that my boys are a bit older & no longer want to play with "girly" knitted dolls, lol. Oh, if ONLY they knew how much fun they saw over the yrs., & how many of my secrets they hold 😜)), so I know that these kinds of special "characters" can last for a LONG time & withstand a significant amount of "abuse" as they are often a staple of a child's play throughout many yrs., & MANY adventures. ❤️ I can only imagine you have brought a significant number of smiles to many, many faces 😍😊🙌 Thank you for sharing all that you do!!