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Another project from a makerist video class with Steffi Falk - i always get so excited about the projects that i have to make them myself. This one i made two times - once for my kids and once for their cousins. So cute! And the fabric is warm enough to wear outside on halloween and fasching. The best thing for the kids is the pocket on the top, where they can put their hands, or a secret stash of halloween candy. My favorite part is the hat! so cute!

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oh, wow, wonderful pattern - my mate in the UK is mad about owls; I want to make this for her once I work out the US/UK stitches! I make a lot of Jean Greenhowe patterns, 'as a would sell them from her website. Haven't made any lately, went right off crafting, but now that 3 more great-grandies have arrived since Nov last year, so need to get back into knitting/crocheting more - that makes 8 great-grandies, 13 or 14 grandies, and some younger grandies, makes me want to get going and make some more!