Work Description

My April project is based around a day visit in April 2019, on Easter Sunday to Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire, UK. It was a very hot day, so my family & I walked around the gardens and through the forest walks with our little dog. It was a beautiful bright day, with a clear blue sky, a perfect ice cream day. Waddesdon Manor was owned by the Rothschild family until it was bequeathed in 1957 to The National Trust. In this piece of knitting, I wanted to incorporate the three dominant colours of blue, grey & green. I decided on the ‘Garter Drop Stitch’, as the garter stitch represented the green shrubbery, the dropped stitches were knitted in blue & grey. The colours I used were: Sage Green Cloud Grey Cerulean Blue This year, I want to explore different textures, so used a ‘Garter Drop Stitch’ in this project. The stitches used in this stitch is: - Knit - Wrapping the wool around the right needle twice, before dropping it on the next row.

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