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Work Description

This luscious shawlette is worked with lots of lace and a sprinkling of beads. Equally pretty in one shade, I chose a sweet petal pink and a light heather grey to complement the overall lace design. One regular sized skein of grey and a mini skein of pink is more than enough. You’ll use size US 13/14 steel hook with 6/0 hex beads that add a feminine shimmer. You can leave out the beads, if you prefer; just knit the stitch without adding the bead with a crochet hook. The shaping is accomplished with short rows. Complete instructions are included along with an illustration for picking up the wraps (not difficult - honest!) It’s long, but not too deep, so you may use it as a shawlette for a little neck adornment. The top edge is straight, the bottom is pulled down into sharp points when blocking. So lovely! This is definitely one for any girlie girl! This dreamy shawlette measures 68.5”/174cm along bottom edge, 69.5”/176.5cm along top edge, 1”/2.5cm deep at center, 16.5”/42cm deep at outer edges after blocking.

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