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I was given a large box full of silk threads. I am unsure of the age, some people think c1940's, others think possibly earlier. I couldn't decide what to do with them, should I keep them preserved as they are, or use them as they were intended? I think they should be used, with the cardboard roll included in the project book. This will keep the thread together & show the history of the thread. I have chosen a simple blackwork pattern, which was very quick to stitch up. I used only one thread of silk throughout this design. The thread used is 'Alderman' Sewing Silk. Made in England & measured in yards. The colour used was Number 46, a bright red. I loved unwinding the thread to sew, it was like unwinding history, I also thought of those who made this thread & the journey it has been on until it came into my possession. The threads were wound up on pieces of cardboard, I am amazed they have lasted so well. I intend on using them for further projects, so they are kept for prosperity.

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