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THIS!!! THIS is what I DESPERATELY want to make for my kids!!! Did you create the pattern yourself (& HOW?!?)? I would LOVE to have this big blue gal/guy float right on into my life. I also absolutely adore that you made it out of recycled denim!! Absolutely perfect!! It is SO full of character! I have been searching everywhere I can think of, to find a pattern for a very large whale. I want to do a shark, & a whale. I found a shark pattern (which I will need to modify & make larger), but I have yet to find a sewing pattern of an extremely large whale. I want to do a sewn whale first, although I have found a few knitting or crochet patterns, which, 1 day, I WILL get to (seeing as my "to do list" is about 8 or 9 thousand projects long (typical maker/crafter here!!!!!)...& I WISH I could joke about that. If I crafted every day until I was 100, I think I would still be behind, ha ha!!
Thank you for sharing this big beauty with the maker world!! Keep up the great work!! (& pls consider sharing your pattern?? 😉) ♥️🐋♥️