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The flower Tulip is grown here in Britain during Spring. It originated from Persia and Turkey but is more commonly thought of as a Dutch flower. Tulip means 'perfect love'. Tulip colours have different meanings. Red - true love, yellow - hopeless love, orange - warmth & happiness, white - forgiveness, pink - happiness & confidence. Purple is used for royalty. The centre of the tulip is the heart and a striped tulip is said to represent beautiful eyes! I have used colours associated with spring in my doll design: greens, yellow and pink. My Tulip is pink - she is full of happiness & confidence. The green represents the stalk and leaves and the yellow the sun! Tulip has a detachable pinafore dress, which has a picot edging collar and hem. Tulip wears a pink & yellow striped jumper with yellow cuffs. She has a detachable spring bonnet with a large green bow.

Tulip - A Spring Toy Knitting Pattern

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