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This elegant bag will carry and organize all your sewing, quilting or any other craft supplies. Dimensions - 14"x11"x7". Detailed demo video for this bag on my youtube channel - This bag made by my own pattern - I use it for sewing and quilting needs, but it can be used for any other kind of crafts. It's very spacy, ergonomic and has lots of pockets to organize all your craft necessities! It has total 18 pockets, plus 3 additional vinyl clear bags, attached to the swivel hook for smaller items (needles, embellishments, templates, small rulers, thimbles, etc). Large zippered pockets are the size of a standard magazine, will also fit Ipad/tablet or small cutting mat. Traditional size patterns will fit smaller pockets. Multiple tools, scissors, cutters, etc. are vertically stored in mesh pockets, efficiently saving the room and providing an easy access. There is enough room in between the pockets for the fabrics, plastic divided boxes, miniature iron, thread spools, and other items. 6”x12” or any smaller ruler will easily slide under the pockets, making the bottom even sturdier. Separating zipper on the top provides using the flap side of the bag as an ironing pad, which can be replaced by beading mat for jewelry makers, chalk board for drawings and notes, foam or plastic pad for other crafts. The shorter zippered pocket with additional mesh pocket and 4 more pockets on the sides, will give you easy and convenient access to all your markers, pencils, pens, seam rippers, snipers, etc., which are efficiently organized in loops on elastic band, attached to the large pocket in front of you, when open. The loops are stitched by 45 degrees angle, which keeps your markers, pencils and tools from falling off and also gives you more space for longer tools or knitting needles and hooks. There are also two pockets on the outside of the bag, one is lined up and zippered on the front and the other is fold pocket on the back, which also makes a sleeve to carry this bag on the top of the rolling sewing machine tote or any travel bag. Ironing pad inside is for small applique or piecing projects, however, if you want to use this bag for beading and jewelry making, you can replace it with detachable and repositioning beading mat, as I did in my other Organizer bag for jewelry making and beading; you can watch this video and see what I am talking about - Additional vinyl clear bags, available in 12 colors and now in 2 different sizes in my Etsy store - Happy sewing! Natalie Quiltessa ps: please, contact me if you want this tutorial translated in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch or Japanese languages.

Ultimate carry all bag for sewing and crafts

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