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This doll is born from a desire to have a basket full of dolls for little ones that come home. What a great treasure to have so much dolls to put clothes on or just to play with and to imagine stories, or also to take a nap with! This doll is inspired by the woodland: The Bear is to me the king of the woodland’s world!! With a soft pink dress and a knitted collar add the girly touch to the Bear, and adding a bow not is just so cute, this doll is such fun to play with! Or just to keep it in your room.


Yarn: Any 4 ply you want to use, with needles 3 mm. Here is the list for the yarns I used to knit the model on the pictures.

Body: Drops alpaca about 40 gr brown for the body, about 20gr light brown for ears and nose and about 10 gr Beige.

I used drops alpaca 1 ball /50g A = Brown B = Beige C = Light brown

Dress: Any fingering yarn or 4 ply yarn : I used Drops Flora colour: Pink 1 ball 30gr

Knitted collar: Drops alpaca colour: White 10 gr

Bow knot: Liberty fabric cord: 20 cm

Circular needles 3 mm (20 or 30 cm) DPN needles 3 mm (15 cm or 20 cm) Tapestry needle Polyester to stuff the doll cotton thread - colour: black and beige for eyes and nose Buttons 1cm diameter or less : 1 for the knitted collar Pink stamp ink to draw the cheeks Stitches markers

Gauge: No gauge is needed, you can make the choice to use another weight for yarn as Dk or 8 ply, just keep in mind your doll will have different size. Keep the same needles size for all the stuff you knit to be sure to have every parts that fit the doll.

Level: Medium to Advanced

Note: The doll is knitted in different parts : Head, Body, Legs, Arms and Ears you sew together. You can make variation for this doll by changing the colours and add some details such as beads, ribbons or fabric cord with other colours. The clothes are knitted in the round or flat, just follow the instructions. Some parts need to be sewn. Have fun by making your own choice of colours and yarns. Keep in mind this doll can be for kids so be aware to attach the buttons or beads enough. Or keep this doll for you to keep for decoration.

Size : The doll from head to feet measures 35 cm.


  • Written pattern row by row
  • List of material needed
  • Pictures with details

Materials you need at home:

  • Any 4 ply or fingering yarn
  • Needles 3 mm
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stuff for the doll
  • stitches markers
  • ink stamp
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Ludivine Rose

Hi dears!

I am Ludivine Rose, the designer behind 'Dream Little Doll' , now 'Rose et balles de laine'

Between Canada and France, my inspiration is my own experience as a woman and as a mother. I knit since a long time , and this passion turned to be my real work now

I do love to knit for my two kids and make them something special for all seasons but I love to knit great pieces for me too....

I think Knitting must be simple to be realized by everybody...that is why I make simple patterns... most of them are just written without make them easy to follow! Welcome in my world and have fun to knit my designs!

You can follow me on my blog: via pinterest: roseetballesdelaine Via instagram: @roseetballesdelaineboutique Email:

Fell free to contact me ;) And have a great Moment!

L Rose, xxx

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