British Bulldog tea cosy

The challenge of designing the bulldog was his wrinkles, he has a few on the back of his neck and some more on his face.

The face has a nice expression with a snaggletooth showing, more wrinkles on his eyelids, and his floppy ears are very endearing. He also have cute paws with claws and round the back a tail.

A sitting bulldog is the perfect shape for a tea cosy because they are round and stocky, like a teapot.

The tea cosy can be knitted to any colour to look like your pet.

The British bulldog tea cosy is the cutest way to keep your teapot hot bulldog style.


  • This Tea Cosy fits a medium sized teapot that holds 6 to 8 cups or 2 pints

Materials you need at home:

  • What you will need to make the pattern
  • 5.5 mm, UK size 5 or US size 9 knitting needles,
  • 4.00 mm, UK size 8 or US size 6 knitting needles,
  • 3.75 mm, UK size 9 or US size 5 knitting needles,
  • 3.25 mm, UK size 10 or US size 3 knitting needles,
  • 72g camel double knitting wool,
  • 17g cream double knitting wool,
  • 10g walnut double knitting wool,
  • 7g black double knitting wool,
  • 1g candyfloss double knitting wool,
  • 1g white double knitting wool,
  • 1 Pair of 18mm Brown Safety eyes,
  • 1 30mm safety nose,
  • Stuffing.
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Susan Cowper

I design and knit unique tea cosies. I really love designing exciting and unusual tea cosies, its great fun and people don’t mind having an over the top tea cosy. Plus they are a great talking point at tea time and make for brilliant knitting projects.

I have quite a following with regular customers who regularly buy my latest designs from my website

I have had a couple of patterns printed in the Simply Knitting Magazine, which is very exciting.

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