Cheese and Tomato Sandwich Play Food / Pin Cushion

This knitted cheese and tomato sandwich is a fun, easy knit and makes an instantly recognisable addition to any collection of play food or pin cushions.

Suitable for beginners, the 4 page pattern has been worked using Double Knitting yarn oddments and - if tension is checked- can be made from many varieties of DK wool to create the different textures of food. The instructions are clear, simple and well illustrated.

Sized approx. 8cm square, the sandwich forms the ideal basis for a crafted packed lunch. When wrapped in foil, it looks particularly realistic.


*Illustrated Knitting Pattern *Metric Measurement *One Size *Suitable for Beginners

Materials you need at home:

*Bread 1 x any 100g DK Cream or Patons Fab DK Cream (2307) Bread Edging 1 x any 100g DK Beige Fleck or Patons Fab DK Beige (2331) Bread Filling 2 x 11cm x 15cm rectangles of Natural Ecru 3-4mm 100% wool felt Tomatoes 1 x any 100g DK Red or Patons Fab DK Red (2323) Cheese Slice 1 x any 100g DK Yellow or Patons Fab DK Canary *A pair of 4mm (UK size 8, US size 6) Single Point (SP) knitting needles *A pair of 5mm (UK size 6, US size 8) Single Point (DP) knitting needles *A pair of 5mm (UK size 6, US size 8) Double Point (DP) knitting needles *A pair of 3.5mm (No UK equivalent, US size 4) Double Point (DP) knitting needles *Blunt ended Knitting Pins for pinning together for seaming *A Tapestry needle for seaming

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Lorna Fisher

I wouldn't say I forget everything else when I'm designing... but I do drink a lot of cold coffee! ​ I'm an obsessive knitter who began writing patterns whenever one I bought proved disappointing or when I couldn't find quite what I wanted ​​ My patterns are designed to be as easy as possible to make and as straightforward as possible to make up. They're designed to be fun!

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