Colorful Crochet Scarf Pattern (Interlocking Strips Scarf)

Crochet pattern for unique and lovely woman's scarf / shawl.

If you made it to this page, you may be curious as to how this crochet scarf / shawl got its unique and interesting look. It is a crochet technique that I developed that I call "interlocking strips". It is achieved by crocheting multiple strips and then fastening them together by completing a final row on the vertical strips. It's quite simple, really, despite its complex look. I also love the way this design utilizes color. Each strip is crocheted using three different colors. All ends become part of the scarf's finished fringe (there is fringe on all four sides of the scarf), so there are NO ENDS TO SEW IN!

When worn loosely, this scarf doubles as an airy shawl. When it is bunched up, it serves as a warm scarf that can be wrapped around your neck more than once. When one end is tossed over your shoulder, it allows you to utilize both looks at the same time.

It is also worth mentioning that the interesting design would make for a beautiful scarf / shawl done in one solid color.

This crochet scarf would obviously make a lovely gift for a woman or teen girl.

This KnotYourselfOut crochet scarf / shawl pattern is named: INTERLOCKING STRIPS SCARF.

This crochet scarf / shawl pattern is suitable for an intermediate crocheter. It uses standard US English crochet terminology. It has been tested for clarity and accuracy by a professional crochet designer. In addition, it contains step-by-step how-to photos. I am confident this pattern will make for a happy crochet experience.

I am available to answer questions, should you have any.

Thanks for stopping by.


  • Detailed written instructions - standard US , English crochet terminology
  • How-to photos
  • Suitable for intermediate crocheter
  • Scarf measures approx. 16 ½” wide (28 ½” with , fringe) and approx. 6’ long (7’ with fringe)

Materials you need at home:

  • FINGERING WEIGHT YARN - WOOL; be sure the , wool can be blocked, as this scarf requires blocking -- , 4 colors (50 g each); specific yarn brand and colors , used to make scarf shown here are detailed in the , tutorial
  • Size USH8/5.00 mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle (to sew in ends)
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Sonja Hood (KnotYourselfOut)

I absolutely love to crochet! My mother taught me how when I was five years old, and it occupied a lot of my childhood.

It was during my time living in Bulgaria, as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer, that I first began to dream about writing and publishing my own crochet patterns.

As the years passed, work became my main focus, but I continued to dream about becoming a crochet designer and I collected inspiration from the many different places I was working in and traveling to: Bulgaria, Boston, Germany, Canada, Ireland (to name a few).

It was the birth of my son, ultimately, that finally gave me the opportunity to realize my dream. When my son was a baby, I wrote and published two crochet books (Painted Jute Rugs, Annie’s Attic, 2010 & Elegant Beaded Bags, Leisure Arts, 2013).

When my son began school my focus shifted to selling patterns online. I have been having the absolute time of my life -- crocheting, imagining crochet, writing about crochet, and engaging with many amazing crochet-lovers in online communities!

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Thanks for reading my profile. I hope you will find a design in my shop that inspires you (the way it did me) to stitch up something beautiful.

Sonja Hood (Crochet Designer & Author)

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