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easter gnomes crochet pattern english version

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    • The information for the pictured gnomes come first, the ones after the slash are for the second small gnome, the one in bracket for the big one. , , Gauge Catania 26 stitches * 24 rows = 10* 10 cm/ 4* 4 inches , Gauge Chenille wool 12 stitches * 10 rows = 10* 10 cm/ 4* 4 inches , The small gnome will become about 24 cm/ 9,5 inches, the big one 30 cm/ 12 inches tall.


    The Easter gnomes are coming ....

    They are still not quite sure whether they should pack their winter hat and dye Easter eggs, or once again get out the sled and enjoy the last snow.

    But actually it is nice that you have the choice ...

    The gnomes are described in two sizes, one in about 25/ 10 inches and one in about 30 cm/ 12 inches.

    The crochet gnomes may be sold, if you add the suitable link and a note: "Crochet after an instruction of masche-fuer-masche!". The pattern may not be sold, gifted, passed on or otherwise be published, not even in a translated way. Any question left? Just send me an Email, masche-fuer-masche@outlook.de, I do always like to help. !!! This is the pattern to crochet the toy, not the ready crochet part!!!!

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    Materials you need at home:

    • needed knowledge , , ch chain , sc single crochet , st slip stitch , mc magic circle , hdc half double crochet , dc double crochet , tc triple crochet , dec decrease , inc increase , db double , sk skip , , , needed equipment
    • hook no 12/ C, H/ 7, J/ 4, for the second variant of the big gnomes beard, P/ 000
    • darning needle
    • scissors , , , needed equipment
    • 50 g grey/ light grey (100 g dark grey) Schachenmayr Catania
    • 100 g grey/ grey- white (white) e.g. Chenille Wolle 6er Stärke
    • left overs in pink/ mint (mint) Schachenmayr Catania
    • a purple/ turquoise (turquoise) Pompom about 4- 5 cm/ 2-,5 inches diameter
    • 25 g turquoise/ white (grey- white) (Schachenmayr Baby Smiles Lenja Soft)
    • Some “fur” wool I found (of course no real fur)
    • Stuffing and granulate for the gnome to „stand“