Gardener tea cosy

The Gardener tea cosy is a lovely little tea cosy based on horticulture. The gardener had a potted calla lily and a pocket of carrots that he has just pulled from the ground for his tea. The carrots are removable. The gardener has a couple of friends, is faithful friend the golden retriever, who looks bored of gardening and is settling down for a snooze. And their is a little capillarity creeping around the plant pot of the calla lily.

The gardener tea cosy is knitted with double thickness yarn to keep the teapot really hot, ideal if you are going to take tea in the garden.

There is a lot on this project to knit, but the knitting pattern is easy to follow with clear instructions, and will give you many hours of creative pleasure.

The perfect tea cosy for any hor-tea-culturist


  • Made from double thickness yarn for extra insulation
  • Fits a medium sized teapot that holds 6 to 8 cups or 2 pints
  • Has removable parts just for fun

Materials you need at home:

  • 5.5 mm, UK size 5 or US size 9 knitting needles,
  • 4.00 mm, UK size 8 or US size 6 Knitting needles,
  • 3.25 mm, UK size 10 or US size 3 Knitting needles,
  • 30g midnight double knitting wool,
  • 30g denim double knitting wool,
  • 20g flesh tone double knitting wool,
  • 12g camel double knitting wool,
  • 10g walnut double knitting wool,
  • 6g lipstick double knitting wool,
  • 6g green double knitting wool,
  • 5g parchment double knitting wool,
  • 5g jaffa double knitting wool,
  • 4g spice double knitting wool,
  • 2g pistachio double knitting wool,
  • Small amount of black double knitting wool,
  • Stuffing
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Susan Cowper

I design and knit unique tea cosies. I really love designing exciting and unusual tea cosies, its great fun and people don’t mind having an over the top tea cosy. Plus they are a great talking point at tea time and make for brilliant knitting projects.

I have quite a following with regular customers who regularly buy my latest designs from my website

I have had a couple of patterns printed in the Simply Knitting Magazine, which is very exciting.

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