Rewards for you when you spend on Makerist

We've got great rewards in store for you if you shop on Makerist this weekend. We want to reward you with some amazing savings and exclusive free patterns when you spend on our site. Whether you purchase patterns or video classes, reach one of the four thresholds explained below to receive great REWARDS.

How to Unlock Rewards This Weekend

It's super simple, there are FOUR ways to unlock rewards this weekend.

1. Spend just $7 or more between April 26th and April 29th and we'll reward you with a site wide 15% OFF Coupon to spend in May.

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2. If you spend $15 or more you'll get the 15% site wide coupon PLUS this exclusive FREE PATTERN . We'll automatically assign the free pattern to you after the rewards weekend is over.

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patterns for kids

By DreieM's

Bag Patterns
When you spend $15 or more

3. Spend $20 or more you'll get all of the above PLUS we'll enter you into a contest to win this amazing PRYM Bamboo Travel Bag, strong enough to transport your sewing machine.

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4. If you spend $30 or more you'll get everything above plus 3 FREE PATTERNS of your choice from across our site. We'll contact you via email to ask which patterns.

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Bag Patterns

Indie Designer Highlight - 50% Off Patterns from Carina Sewera

It couldn't be easier to spend and get the rewards

We've made it even easier to spend and get the rewards this weekend with this 50% off Sale from Carina Sewera. Now you'll get even more for your money when you spend and ALL the rewards on top. Go on! You deserve it!

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Amazing Patterns from Indie Designers

Makerist hosts over 450 Indie Pattern Designers from all over the globe from Australia to the USA and so many places in between. The digital patterns from our designers give an amazing range of exciting projects to get your hands working on this year.


patterns for kids


Bag Patterns