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This bag 14"x7"x7" in size has TEN pockets and ironing pad inside. Long detachable shoulder strap makes it easy and convenient to carry along with your sewing machine and purse in other hand. This bag is a perfect organizer for your sewing,quilting or other crafts tools and supplies for classes and retreats. Separating zipper allows you to open the sides all the way and lay them flat! Four pairs of snaps on each side keeps it box-shaped, open flat at one side only or flat all the way! The interior of the bag lined up with aluminized coating fabric, so you can use it as an ironing pad for your small projects when using miniature iron. Elastic band stitched to the side of one of the pockets will keep your tools, pencils and other marking supplies in close vicinity and well organized. The other two pockets have additional exterior mesh pockets. The medium long pocket is divided in half making two smaller pockets to keep spools, pins, clips and other small items. And there is enough space for your 12" x 6" ruler and small cutting mat UNDER the pockets. This bag can be also used as a travel bag or simply as any other organizer for arts, crafts or just storage. Makes a great gift!

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How much are these 2 Bags. I love the blue one
As I live in AUSTRALIA can I buy it from you